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A Path in the Law:

The Chronicle of a Connecticut
Lawyer & Legislator

by Judge Robert Satter

For Robert Satter the practice of law was a great adventure. In this warm narrative, rich with Connecticut legal and political lore, he recounts that adventure with stories about colorful clients, emotional appeals to the Connecticut Board of Pardons, a disconcerting appearance before the House Un-American Activities Committee, and insightful descriptions of life behind the scenes at the state legislature.

Dean Hugh Macgill of the University of Connecticut School of Law, in his masterful foreword, sums up the worth of the book in this way:

For those who are genuinely curious about how the normal functions of law play out in our shared communal experience, and how the life of one thoughtful, intelligent and optimistic man was shaped by a devotion to law's possibilities, this book is deeply satisfying.

November 21, 2000