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Welcome to the Connecticut Law Book Co., publisher of The Connecticut Law Reporter and The Massachusetts Law Reporter.

The Connecticut Law Book Co. is a publisher of legal materials specializing in Connecticut and Massachusetts law. Our primary publications are The Connecticut Law Reporter and The Massachusetts Law Reporter.

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The Connecticut Law Reporter is a weekly publication that provides brief digests of significant judicial opinions from the following courts:

  • The Connecticut Supreme Court (the highest court of Connecticut)
  • The Connecticut Appellate Court (the intermediate appellate court between the Supreme Court and the Superior Courts)
  • The Connecticut Superior Courts (the trial courts of Connecticut from which appeals are taken to the Appellate Court and the Supreme Court)

Each weekly issue of The Connecticut Law Reporter contains digests of the opinions from the courts described above, organized by area of practice. For example, attorneys interested in environmental law can locate all recent judicial developments in the above courts by looking each week at the digests collected under the topic "Environmental Law" in the front portion of the Reporter.

Each weekly issue also contains the full text of all the Superior Court opinions digested in the front portion of that issue. Copies of opinions from the other courts can be obtained by fax or mail at a nominal charge by calling the Law Reporter at 203-458-8000. As a practical matter the Supreme and Appellate Court opinions are more readily available, at least to Connecticut attorneys, from the Connecticut Law Journal published by the Judicial Department through its Commission on Legal Publications. The Superior Court opinions are generally available from most of the online services, although generally with some delay.

Our digests are made available only to subscribers. However the front portion of a recent issue of the Reporter—the portion containing the digests organized by area of practice—is provided as a sample available to all visitors.

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The Massachusetts Law Reporter is another publication of the Connecticut Law Book Company similar to The Connecticut Law Reporter, presenting digests of important Supreme Judicial Court and Appellate Court opinions, and digests and the full text of Massachusetts Superior Court opinions. The Superior Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction for the state of Massachusetts. Appeals are taken from it to the Massachusetts Appellate Court and from there to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Copies of all Mass. Superior Court opinions digested in the Reporter are available by fax or mail at a nominal charge by calling the Law Reporter at 617-423-0203 or 203-458-8000. Some but not all of the opinions are available from a few of the electronic media publishers. Copies can also generally be obtained from the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly, a weekly newspaper unassociated with The Massachusetts Law Reporter that is widely circulated in Massachusetts.

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A one-month trial subscription is available at no charge to both The Connecticut Law Reporter and The Massachusetts Law Reporter. There is no obligation. You will receive four issues free and will be contacted by a salesperson at the end of the trial subscription. To subscribe, call 203-458-8000 or 617-423-0203; or write to Law Reporter at P.O. Box 575, Guilford, CT 06437; or sign up online now by clicking here.